Friday, December 28, 2007

Some finished Woollies...

I am going to sneak in another post, just so I have one in December! Well actually it is a major show off post. I am knitting this Skort for a customer as a special order and I have to say I am rather proud of it! It is not quite finished, a bit of work to do underneath. Knitted in Organic Treliske Merino dyed by Jolly Jumbuck in Vegas. Gorgeous colourway!

A few other woollies are at the finished stage and ready to be listed on the website including this pair of shorties knitted in 12 ply BFL - thick and spongy, great for nights.

Lots more things in the works and I am going to be taking advantage of the next few weeks being a bit quieter (before school, swimming, playgroup, dancing, etc etc all start up again!) to finish off a few more projects.

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allthingspurple said...

oooooo....nice !!! I love the skirtie already