Friday, December 28, 2007

Some finished Woollies...

I am going to sneak in another post, just so I have one in December! Well actually it is a major show off post. I am knitting this Skort for a customer as a special order and I have to say I am rather proud of it! It is not quite finished, a bit of work to do underneath. Knitted in Organic Treliske Merino dyed by Jolly Jumbuck in Vegas. Gorgeous colourway!

A few other woollies are at the finished stage and ready to be listed on the website including this pair of shorties knitted in 12 ply BFL - thick and spongy, great for nights.

Lots more things in the works and I am going to be taking advantage of the next few weeks being a bit quieter (before school, swimming, playgroup, dancing, etc etc all start up again!) to finish off a few more projects.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Official

It is official. I am the worlds worst blogger! I thought as my first post in quite a while I would show you what I have been getting up to.

I have been knitting like a madwoman for a few months and despite a number of items that required re-knitting I finally have a pattern I am happy with. So here is a sneak preview of what's on the needles right now.

On the left there is a Skort in the works knitted with Blue Faced Leicester, in the middle are shorties knitted with super soft merino and on the right some shorties knitted with Blue Faced Leicester. I have a bundle of wool waiting to be knitted up, and coming soon will be our night shorties developed with the heavy wetter in mind.

I'll save the rest for another day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Using Cloth Nappies at Night

I am often asked for advice on using cloth nappies at night. For some babies using cloth nappies at night can be challenging for parents. What qualifies a "Night Nappy" you might ask. Generally a cloth nappy being used for night time will require additional "boosting" to make it more absorbent. During the day a nappy can be changed as needed, at night you want your nappies to hold everything your baby or toddler can put out for up to 12-13 hours.

While every situation is different there are some key things to consider when you are choosing a cloth nappy system for night use.

A good cover is the key to successful cloth nappying, not just at night! At night it does become even more important. PUL is perfectly fine to use at night if it works for you. Many people choose to use fleece or wool as they are more breathable.

One of the best PUL covers I have come across for night use is the BerryPlush from Jamtots. They feature side snaps which means more adjustability for different shaped legs - two rows of snaps means you can have the waist and the legs at different settings. There is also gentle elastication at the front waist, great for tummy sleepers to help keep everything where it should be.

If you decide you would prefer fleece then always look for a good quality fleece such as Malden Mills. If you have a heavy wetter that has a butt the size of a beach ball at night, then I probably wouldn't suggest using fleece. This is only my personal opinion, however I find that they don't have the reliable containment of PUL or the amazing quality of wool to absorb. Which leads me to....

Wool. Love it! Definately the preferred option for night use around here and the first thing I suggest to anyone having night nappy challenges. Wool is an amazing natural fibre, it has insulating and absorbing properties that make it perfect for covers over cloth nappies. It insulates against heat or cold through absorbing moisture vapour, pockets of air are trapped in the fibres which act as an insulator, keeping your baby's body at an even temperature. Wool can also absorb up to 30% of its own weight before feeling damp. As moisture is absorbed, heat is generated and keeps baby warm rather than cold and clammy from a wet nappy.

Wool is also naturally elastic, again another perfect quality for cloth nappy use! It will return to its natural shape even after stretching or twisting. Now that sounds great for stretching over some bulky nappies! The lanolin in wool neutralises urine which means you don't need to wash as often as you would wash other covers. If you have a heavy wetter you may find regular washing and lanolising keeps your covers working more effectively.

As with any other cover, the quality of the wool will also affect the performance. Coming soon at Baby Soft Landings we have a range of wool soakers and longies to meet the needs of cloth nappy users. In particular for night use will be our night soaker. The wool is ideal for night use and we hope will help you with your cloth nappy journey.

I'll post some more soon about some other night nappy challenges and some suggestions for fixing.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

BerryPlush gallery

BerryPlush pre-orders are open now until 15th April. If you are having trouble deciding I have sorted out my photos and have a sample of the many gorgeous embroidered covers that have passed this way. Enjoy!

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Busy Busy Sewing

My overlocker has been in the repair shop for close to a month now and I finally have it back! Which means I will putting up some more cloth wipes in the next couple of days.

My zips have finally arrived - I have been waiting since before Christmas for them. More zips means I can finally sew some more wetbags. I have quite a collection of PUL fabrics so there is sure to be something to suit every taste!

I have so many other things on the go but I will finish these two before I post about my next task!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Nappy Packages

I am slowly putting together nappy packages for different brands, and some will be a mix of brands.

Baby Beehinds are now available in a trial pack, 6 pack or 12 pack. The 12 pack is designed specifically to give you everything you need to get started. I have lost count of how many times I have been asked by customers to "just give me everything I need". So I have tried to put these packages together with this in mind. It is confusing to know all the bits and pieces you need for a cloth nappy system. If you are interested in the packages but don't want to purchase all the bits and pieces please contact me as I am happy to work something out to suit your requirements.

I have also put together 3 pack Bumgenius pocket nappy packages. Larger packages will be available at a later date.

Next cloth nappy package I am working will be Tots Bots Bamboozles.

Latest news on BerryPlush is that they are on their way, expected arrival early next week. There will also be some new Twins in Cloth nappies instore next week.

Lots more surprises coming your way... look out for a call for testers in the not too distant future. If you are signed up to our newsletter (by creating an account and selecting "subscribe") you will be the first to know when testers are required. I am very excited about this as I have a number of products I have been working on for a long time.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bumgenius V2.0 now in stock!

The new V2.0 Bumgenius Pocket Nappies have arrived! Also in stock are the Bumgenius All-in-Ones also with PUL outers. I am very impressed with these nappies, as is my husband! So easy to put on, they really are as easy as a disposable.

Lots more to update you with but so little time! I will pop back on later and let you know some more happenings here at Baby Soft Landings!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Hemp Fleece

Hemp fleece is now in stock - unexpectedly! It was shipped from the US on 29th Dec via Surface Mail which usually takes 3 months. 9 days later here it is!

Go Shopping for Hemp Fleece

I also have some new PUL prints ready to be sewn into wetbags. Here's a sneak peak at a couple of prints.

Saturday, January 6, 2007


Just thought I would share a pic of my beautiful boy. Jonas had his first time at Family Day Care yesterday and enjoyed some painting.

BumGenius on their way

Very exciting news! After delays in production the V2.0 Bumgenius are on their way. I'm looking forward to seeing the goodies in the box. There are of course the BumGenius Pocket nappies with the new PUL outer. I also have some All-in-Ones coming, they have the same absorbency and outer cover as the Bumgenius Pocket, however it is all sewn together, no stuffing pockets. Truly a nappy that is as easy to put on as a disposable. There is a new colour "Blossom" a gorgeous soft pink for the girls. Here's a pic of the pink.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Testing out the Swim Nappies

We went off to the swimming pool yesterday and I just love Jonas' swim nappy. They are a great fit and I feel secure that if the worst happens nothing will escape into the pool. Of course they come in a range of very cute prints too!

Check out our Swim Nappies here.

Not that he actually stayed in the pool very much. It is apparently much more fun to just run around the outside of the pool. A great time was had by all, and a very hearty lunch eaten afterwards.